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Legion Park Fields (U14 & U17)

Legion Park map

This page is typically updated by 8 AM on game days for 9 AM games. If games start and the weather turns bad and necessitates the cancellation of later games, the website will be updated as soon as possible. We strongly encourage each parent to check the website up to 30 minutes prior to coming to the fields for games. If the website doesn't indicate any adverse weather conditions, postponements, or cancellation then everyone should assume that all matches for that day are being played as scheduled.

Seminole Soccer Club recommends our coaches not practice on fields when it is actively raining or after recent heavy rain, even if fields are technically open. This rule is for player safety and for preservation of the fields.  Drizzle, or light, or intermittent rain is OK as long as conditions (wet grass, ground saturation, no puddling) remain safe.  Any harder and you MUST cease practicing. Thank you!

Johns Park Fields (U10 & U12)